Request a Price-Match or Price-Beat

US Diesel Parts Price-Match or Price-Beat Guarantee

US Diesel Parts now offers a Price-Match or Price-Beat Guarantee. If you find a part OVER $75 on a competitors website for less than what we offer, we will BEAT that price by $5 Guaranteed.* If you find a part UNDER $75 listed for less we will MATCH their price!

Price-Match and Price-Beat Terms & Conditions:

*Price-Match or Beat is done at the discretion of US Diesel Parts and they hold the right to refuse a request that they may find suspect. Price-Match or Price-Beat can be refused for, including but not limited to, the following reasons: Products priced in error, clearance items, price reduced by membership status, auction/personal sites such as eBay or Amazon, unauthorized dealers, quotes by phone or products subject to employee discount. Price-Match/Beat is subject to the TOTAL cost of a product - This includes Handling, Shipping and/or Tax related costs an item may incur.

US Diesel Parts is glad to offer our Price-Match / Price-Beat Guarantee but should only be held to do so when it is legal and in the spirit of competition that has made our nation great.