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2019 USDP - Dyno Day / Sled Pull Pre-Registration

Registration 2019


Registration will still be available at the event - Time Permitting - $75 for either Dyno or Truck Pull with no discounts for registering for both.

If you will be running multiple vehicles to just dyno or just truck pull, please register each vehicle separately.

TECH-IN and Competition Info: Vehicles WILL be checked so don't register for "Work Stock" and show up running an S400... If you make changes to your vehicle between now and competition time and need to change class, let us know at sign-in or you may be disqualified and forfeit your place.

Competitors will receive a wrist-band - if you are found drinking you will lose your wrist-band. If you are not comfortable running your vehicle on the Dyno or have lost your wrist-band you can have our stand-in driver Dyno for you - (They are good and will most likely get better numbers than you would!). There are no stand-ins for the Truck-Pull. If you have lost your wrist-band, you will not be able to Pull and are considered disqualified, that simple. There are no refunds for disqualifications, forfeitures or no-shows.

If you are a Dyno-only competitor - Keep your wristband on after the event and you can view the truck pull event without having to buy a ticket!

Hope to see you all Saturday at The Jack Saloon!

Please Call for Availability
(800) 823-4444


Gomer's US Diesel Parts 2019 Dyno Day - Truck Pull Registration

Registration is required for all events you wish to be a contestant off. The Dyno event check-in begins at 9:00AM and start running soon after in the order you arrive. The Truck Pull event check-in/tech-in is between 1:30PM - 3:30PM (Closing Cut-Off @ 3:45PM). Driver Meeting is at 4:00PM with pulls beginning approximately 4:30PM. Saturday June 8th at The Jack Saloon, located at 7000 Graves Creek Road - Lolo, MT 59847. By purchasing your pre-registration, you are agreeing to our Terms, Conditions and Rules (See Below).

This years event is being held off-site again at The Jack Saloon! Be sure to show up there and NOT at Gomer's US Diesel Parts as previous years!


The Dyno: The Check-in for the Dyno Event will begin at 9AM. If you bring a print-out of your receipt, it will make it easier to find and check you in to receive your competition wrist-band

The Truck Pull: Bring your receipt for the Truck Pull to the event. Truck Pull Tech-in is from 1:30pm - 3:30 pm (closing @ 3:45 pm). The drivers meeting will be at 4:00 and the Truck Pull should start at 4:30.


  1. No whining ~ Sportsmanship over all.
  2. All trucks must pass tech inspection and hitch height of 26”
  3. Class Designation: WS-2.5-2.6-3.0-Unlimited-Exhibition
    Combining classes are up to the head official. Refer to rule #1.
  4. No Alcohol in the pits or in your belly if you are driving.
  5. Clothing: DOT approved helmet required ~ No Shorts or Short Pants ~ Must have fully covered foot wear.
  6. One Driver per vehicle ~ No Ride-Alongs ~ No Exceptions!
  7. Winning Pay Outs – All depends on how many trucks show up. You won’t get rich but you will be rewarded!
  8. Ties – if light permits there will be a pull off or you split the pot.
  9. REFER TO RULE #1 … no refunds!

Please help each other, have fun, and be safe!

Gomer's Diesel Inc / USDieselParts.com
2019 Dyno Day - Sled Pull Terms and Conditions

Gomer's Diesel Inc., The Jack Saloon or the NWDC will not be held responsible for any damage caused to any part of the owner's vehicle (body, engine, transmission, tires, drivetrain, etc.) or to your person while your vehicle is on any of the Jack Saloon's properties, being operated on dynamometer ("Dyno"), or, participating in sled pulling competition. Any cost of damage to Gomer's Diesel Inc. / The Jack Saloon / NWDC property caused by reckless operation or misconduct of driver will be sole responsibility of the driver. Contestants registered for the Dyno event must check in by 9AM and Contestants for the Truck Pull event must check in by 2:30PM ~ Any contestant/driver found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be disqualified. Refunds will not be given to no-show, late check-in or disqualified contestants resulting in loss of event running.

Gomer's Diesel Inc. reserves the right to the use of photographs and/or video of vehicles and/or drivers during the events for the purposes of marketing in print, digital or web based advertising or promotion of products and/or services.

Google MAPS Directions - Click Here

This is an officially sanctioned Nortwest Dyno Circuit event. Current Official NWDC Rules and Regulations can be found HERE.

Definition of Dyno Classes:

Stock Ford, Chevy/GMC, Dodge Classes:
The turbocharger is limited to a stock, OEM/Factory make-specific charger only. No Injectables. No AfterMarket Compressor Wheels Allowed.

Small Single Class:
70mm turbo size and smaller. No Injectables.

Large Single Class:
71mm turbo and greater. No Injectables.

Small Multi turbo Class/Compound Class:
80mm turbo size and smaller. No more than two (2) turbochargers. No Injectables.

Large Multi turbo Class/Compound Class:
81mm turbo size and greater. . two or more after market chargers. No Injectables.

Unlimited Class:
Any use of Nitrous, Propane, and/or Water Meth.

Non-NWDC Classes:
At the discretion of NWDC Eevent hosts, there may be additional classes that are not official NWDC classes. Unless stated, Non-NWDC classes are not available for NWDC Points Standings. Safety rules apply for all classes. NWDC Officials have the final say in any event concerning the safety requirements of any vehicle.



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