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Bully Dog Heavy Duty GT Gauge Tuner

Caterpiller, Cummins, Detroit, Paccar and Mercedes Big Rigs
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Bully Dog Heavy Duty GT. Part # 46500

The Heavy Duty GT (Gauge Tuner) incorporates Bully Dog's SAE tested and emissions tested diesel engine tuning with a complete gauge package, diagnostic features and the famous economy focused driving coach to bring you a tool that will maximize your vehicle utility. Check out our product feature highlight videos and our fliers to fully explore the potential that the Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner holds for your Heavy Duty diesel tractor.

Heavy Duty Diesel Tuning

No other product can compete with the superior tuning options of the HDGT. Owners can choose between the standard equipped Economy Tune, the Economy + Power Tune or opt for complete custom tuning by one of Bully Dog's trained professionals.


Subjected to Bully Dog's rigorous on-road beta testing and independent SAE testing, the Economy Tune consistently helps drivers achieve mileage gains from 6 to 12% or more.


The Economy + Power Tune improves fuel economy while safely increasing the horsepower and torque of your truck. Dyno tests show performance increases up to 18% while drivers report being able to and save time and money by being able to pull heavier loads without downshifting.

DRIVING COACH Fuel Economy Optimizer

  • Display instant fuel economy
  • Display trip economy info
  • Display driving efficiency
  • Visual and audible feedback
  • Export driving reports into Excel
  • Password Protection available
  • Record and Analyze the following parameters
    • Throttle %
    • Hard Stops
    • Engine load
    • Missed gears
    • Fuel Economy
    • Engine over rev
    • Engine idle time
    • Vehicle over speed

Also features Gauges and Safety Warnings, Read and Erase Trouble Codes, Speed Limiter Adjustment and Fast and Easy Install.

Applications: (New applications are added regularly, so please call if your truck isn't listed)

1994-2000 - 3406B 14.6L
2007-2010 - ISC 8.3L
1999-2007 - SERIES 60 14.0L
2010-2012 - MX 12.9L
2007-2010 - MBE 900
1999-2003 - C-10 10.3L
2010-2013 - ISC 8.3 8.3L
2013-2013 - MX-13 12.9L
2007-2010 - MBE 4000
2004-2010 - C-11 11.1L
2007-2010 - ISL 8.9L
2008-2012 - PX-8 8.3L
1997-2003 - C-12 12.0L
2010-2013 - ISL 9 8.9L
2013-2013 - PX-9 8.9L
2004-2010 - C-13 12.5L
2004-2010 - ISM 10.8L
1999-2004 - C-15 14.6L
2010-2011 - ISX 11.9 11.9L
2005-2010 - C-15 ACERT 15.2L
2011-2013 - ISX 12 11.9L
1999-2003 - C-16 15.8L
2010-2013 - ISX 15 14.9L
2002-2010 - C-7 7.2L
2004-2007 - ISX CM870 14.9L
2004-2010 - C-9 9.3L
2008-2010 - ISX CM871 14.9L
1996-2001 - N14 14.9L


2011 389 550 Cummins
I have a 2011 389 550 Cummins - 370 tall rubber, 13 speed, pulling a race car hauler for the Nationwide series. Putting the Bully Dog HDGT on my truck has helped my mileage. We have 7 trucks alike - (2) 2009s and (7) 2011s with all the same gears, same tranny, same everything. The tuning on the HDGT has helped my mileage up to a half mile better - two or three tenths in windy conditions and a 1/2 mile in good weather. The pulling is no comparison. I can out pull my teammates now pretty easy. I am half a gear better on some hills and on some hills a full gear. The biggest thing is the response. If you stepped off the fuel in when you were in cruise because someone cut you off, before it would take forever to get the power back up. It was so lazy. Now the response is way better. The response is like an old C-15 with 5232 fuel codes set on it. In a short hill it is a little bit better, but on a long hill like Flagstaff when you are really pulling down it is way better. I'm not trying to do anything crazy. I'm not trying to enter some pull completion and rip the clutch out. I just wanted to get the dead and the lag out. The HDGT has done that. I'm not trying to run a 100 miles an hour and be the baddest thing on the road. I just want it to maintain and have a steady pull. When I tell people about the HDGT they say it is a lot of money. Well it is, but I tell them that I figured it up. We only run 60,000 to 65,000 a year. If it picks me up 4 tenths it will pay for itself twice in one year. Not to mention from California to home with the pulling that we have to do I'll guarantee you that it is saving me a hour coming home over a two day trip because it pulls that much better. You have a good product. I'm tickled with it. To tell you the truth I was a little bit skeptical. Jerry at Piedmont Peterbilt said we have some people running it that really like it. He told me to take it and try it. I went into it open minded, but I really like it now. It has made a huge difference. I am definitely pleased with what it does right now. It is doing good and I am well pleased with it.

Kirk George

CAT C-15
I wanted to give you an update on the BULLDOG HDGT I purchased from you on February 4,2013 for my 2007 T600 c-15 cat. I had run the basic tune for the first week and was very impressed with the response in operation but, did notice little change in fuel economy. I contacted BULLYDOG and they sent me a custom program that was fantastic. I had the same peppier throttle response but wow what a difference in power, no more pulling down on the hills nothing. Then I ran the same 1000 mile fuel run from Jasper FL to Gainsville GA and was shocked at my mpg 6.43! Now on the same run in December and January I had gotten 5.4 on this run. I was very shocked and of course very satisfied. this particular run is a good test run for what I do in day to day operations as it incorporates every type of terrain and conditions from red lights to some hefty rolling hills. I fueled in Jasper FL,went on up thru Homerville to Waycross ,(red lights and traffic galore)up 84 to Savannah Ga got loaded with 30,000 lbs. went to Hemingway SC,unloaded then to Georgetown SC reloaded30,000,then proceeded to run the length of I-26 in SC(rolling hills)then across to Gainsville GA. I went back thru my records and I was getting 6.2mpg at several times since I purchased this truck in September ,however it was all over the map went it hit 6.2. As I told you I was getting from 5.3 to 6.2 and as we discussed my better fuel mileage was NOT running a lot on hwy 84 with all the red lights. Now I am getting 6.4+/- running Hwy 84 as well as up and down the interstate,CONSISTENTLY!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!

Kenneth Fooshee


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  • 46500
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