Request a Price-Match or Price-Beat

US Diesel Parts Price-Match or Price-Beat Guarantee

US Diesel Parts now offers a Price-Match or Price-Beat Guarantee. If you find a part OVER $75 on a competitors website for less than what we offer, we will BEAT that price by $5 Guaranteed.* If you find a part UNDER $75 listed for less we will MATCH their price!

Price-Match and Price-Beat Terms & Conditions:

*Price-Match or Beat is done at the discretion of US Diesel Parts and they hold the right to refuse a request that they may find suspect. Price-Match or Price-Beat can be refused for, including but not limited to, the following reasons: Products priced in error, clearance items, price reduced by membership status, auction/personal sites such as eBay or Amazon, unauthorized dealers, quotes by phone or products subject to employee discount. Price-Match/Beat is also not subject to products that are rebuilt or remanufactured in-house as we have higher standards of parts and procedures in our process than others hold themselves to and will not sell an inferior product to match or beat their price. Price-Match/Beat is subject to the TOTAL cost of a product - This includes Handling, Shipping and/or Tax related costs an item may incur.

US Diesel Parts is glad to offer our Price-Match / Price-Beat Guarantee but should only be held to do so when it is legal and in the spirit of competition that has made our nation great.