There are many vehicles that offer various forms of flexibility for a wide range of uses. For instance, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) can be best modified with a handful of accessories to be used for various purposes. This is where a suspension lift kit comes into the picture. It is a form of modification done to raise the vehicle’s height and attain extra inches of ground clearance.

If you are wondering why you will need such a modification, we’ll share with you what a typical lift kit entails and the benefit of having it, in the sections below.

What a typical lift kit includes

Simply put, a lift kit is a kit consisting of a few parts required to lift a particular vehicle model along with instructions on how to perform it. If you’re wondering what is included in a lift kit, take note of the following:

  • Smaller lift kit: This kit is usually designed to attain a three-inch lift by using shock mount spacers that are bolted in place to augment the lift height.
  • Larger, more complete kit: This kit is meant to achieve a three-inch lift and above by using control arms, shock absorbers, and the relocation brackets to install the kit.

Other modifications to consider

There are a few other modifications to consider before thinking about getting a lift kit. Keep in mind that the ride height achieved through the use of a lift kit may impact other areas of the vehicle. Below are other modifications to factor in whenever you consider adding a lift kit:

  • Trailer hitch with hitch step: Installing a trailer hitch with an attachable hitch step will help you get access to the bed of your SUV with ease.
  • Step bumper: As the trailer hitch may be undesirable to the off-road community, you may have rear bumpers configured with hitch steps to offer a benefit on multiple fronts.
  • Side steps: Side steps or running boards can be configured to help you have access to the extended cabin.
  • Differential gears: Lower gears can help restore the loss of power brought by adding bigger tires and a lift, and improve the vehicle’s acceleration.

Why you need a lift kit

Now, let’s take a look at why a lift is important and why it needs to lift a vehicle in the first place. Below are three main reasons to utilize a lift kit for your vehicle:

  • Suspension capabilities: A lift kit can increase the capabilities of the suspension, which can significantly increase ride quality, suspension travel, and durability.
  • Ground clearance: A lift kit can be added with bigger tires that can truly augment the ground clearance. This essentially increases the distance of the vehicle’s body from the terrain below.
  • Wheel fitment: A lift kit can help increase the size of the tire that can be fitted underneath.


Overall, a lift kit is a great modification that helps to increase the vehicle’s height and ground clearance. If you did not know much about lift kits before, we hope that this blog has clarified as to why you have to invest in it for the good of your vehicle and for other uses.

If you are looking for lift kits or suspensions for your vehicle in the US, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!