In the past few decades, the diesel technology industry has made tremendous leaps and bounds on American soil, making a significant improvement in all ways, shapes, and forms. 

Coming a long way from its ultra-low sulfur origins, the industry has become a distinguished leader as more and more manufacturers and researchers aim to improve the technology itself. Amidst all the developments, many drivers have also taken it upon themselves to maximize their experiences through key upgrades, such as high-efficiency common rail injection systems.

Between all the talks of evolution, mileage maximization efforts, and filter-swapping, there’s one question that remains to this day: What’s the best way to maintain a turbocharged diesel engine?

Several factors to consider

Keeping your turbocharged diesel engine doesn’t take genius-level intellect or top-notch, high-cost maintenance procedures. In this article, we will share with you a guide on how you can effectively maintain a turbocharged diesel engine.

Dealing with the turbocharger 

One of the most important parts of the maintenance process is making sure that you follow the necessary measures to prevent your engine from failing prematurely while keeping its performance at an all-time high. Here’s a tried-and-tested tip that is definitely essential if you want to keep your diesel turbocharger running smoothly: Let your truck warm up on idle.

Although this may sound simple, a surefire way to prevent any form of premature breakage is to let your vehicle start-up and remain idle for several minutes. The reason this is so important lies in the fact that warming up an engine properly allows it to get its own turbocharger to an optimal operating temperature without the risk of cracking. 

Additionally, a proper warm-up allows sufficient oil to reach all the various parts in your system so that everything is lubed up enough for proper operation, and this includes your turbocharger.

Fuel additives

When it comes to proper maintenance, fuel additives—alongside biodiesel and ULSD—will always be your best friend. Additives options that are complete and compatible with the type of fuel that you use are absolutely essential because they help ensure that the contents of your tank perform their task in the most optimal way possible. From fuel gelling to octane maintenance, these nifty bottles of automotive supplements play a key role in keeping your turbocharged diesel engine running as it should for as long as possible.

Oil and filters

Another important detail to consider when maintaining your turbocharged diesel engine is that it heavily relies on regular oil and filter changes to run smoothly. Given that engines are essentially high-heat running motors, it’s important to ensure that everything is kept as clean and pure as possible so that nothing goes where it isn’t supposed to go. With regular oil changes and filter replacements, you can assure yourself of a safe and smooth drive every single time!


With the right maintenance tips in mind, you can keep your turbocharged diesel engine in tip-top shape at all times without worrying about any unturned stones along the way. Doing so is especially possible if you follow the guide given above!

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