Dynomite Diesel Products

Dynomite Diesel Products started out as the secret the pro's used to win - their ace in the hole! They quickly became well known on the diesel scene for their ability to produce THE best high performance injectors and nozzles available. Whether you are looking to dominate the competition or simply give your stock truck some more pulling power, investing in a set of Dynomite Diesel injectors or nozzles is a good decision. Their +50HP injectors are perfect for stock vehicles. The +90HP injectors are great for the weekend warrior, and their custom or "Super Mental" race/competition series are available for those who are serious about developing serious horsepower.

Extrude Hone​​
With an extrude hone, borescope, dyno, and several test stands, Dynomite Diesel develops the best injectors on the market. All DDP products will make the advertised horsepower, but will also develop cleaner power than the competition. With DDP injectors, you'll get more power, lower EGT's, less smoke, better mileage, better balance, smoother idle and peace of mind knowing you have the best injectors available!

If you don't see what you are looking for or just want to talk through some options with a parts expert, please feel free to give us a call on our toll free number (800)823-4444. We have the knowledge and experience that comes with being in the diesel parts business for close to 80 years.