Torque Diesel Motorsports

Torque Diesel Motorsports

Torque Diesel Motorsports Performance Injectors

See what makes TDM injectors superior to the competition in every way...

TDM's new approach to building injectors is producing a cleaner burning and more reliable performance injector than anywhere on the diesel market. A superior product with an unbeatable warranty.

What sets these injectors above the rest?

TDM injectors are hand built by OE trained technicians on OEM Certified Equipment using only GENUINE OE PARTS! NO AFTERMARKET JUNK! TDM injectors are engineered to perform at the highest level. These are not simply a stock injector with extrude honed or EDM nozzles installed in them. TDM injectors are engineered to perform. Each injector’s internal components have been re-engineered to allow more fuel flow while operating under the same rules as the stock injector. Each injector is match with a specially designed OE nozzle that will accommodate the internal changes to allow the injector to function like is was originally designed to do. TDM injectors are precision matched and balance to 1.5% of each other. TDM injectors are built the same way every time. The flow rate from our first built injector is the same as our 500th built injector! No other company can do that and keep the balance rates that tight!

Features and Power Expo:

Our 5.9L Dodge and 6.6L Duramax stage 1 injectors are capable of supporting +700hp with the proper power and tuning upgrades and at the same time they will support a simple 70-80HP increase. The 6.7L's Dodge are capable of supporting even more, up to +900hp! TDM injectors are engineered to perform like a stock injector throughout the power band. This makes the injector very efficient which in turn minimizes smoke, minimizes exhaust gas temperatures, and makes for a very smooth running engine. TDM injectors are ready for you to command them. They have a top end limitation but you are ultimately the one who decides how much power you want them to deliver. So whether you need some power to tow your camper or you are looking for weekend warrior fun, TDM injectors are your answer!

  • Clean Diesel Technology
  • Low EGT's with NO Smoke
  • Affordable Performance
  • 15-Month Unlimited-Mile Warranty
  • Street or Strip Driveable
  • State of the Art Production
  • Precision Matched & Balanced
  • 90-Day Labor Guarantee


TDM injectors are backed by the best warranty in the country! Our injectors come with a 15 month unlimited mile warranty with a 90 day labor coverage. We have a “No Hassle Warranty” policy with these injectors. Each application has specific details so please ask about the warranty program for your vehicle.