Torque Diesel Motorsports - RACE SERIES

Torque Diesel Motorsports - Race Series

Torque Diesel Motorsports Race Series Injectors

We have raised the bar with our TDM Race Series injectors! Our TDM Race injectors are capable of supporting +1500hp with the proper engine upgrades, transmission, and tuning. Nitrous not required with our injectors. TDM RACE have proven to be the best Race Series injector on the market. Driven by technology, TDM RACE Series incorporates all of the common rail technology and theories of high pressure fuel systems so each injector will perform flawlessly, every time. With custom spec’d nozzles extruded to the precise spec, we created the most universal Diesel Motorsports Injector in the country. We incorporated the same engineering that goes into our street injectors. This makes the injector very efficient which in turn minimizes smoke, minimizes exhaust gas temperatures, and makes for a very smooth running +1000hp engine. Whether your tugging the sled down the track, spinning the rollers on the dyno, or kicking ass on the tree, these injectors are proven champions.

What sets these injectors above the rest?

Our TDM street injectors are precision matched and balance to 1.5% of each other. TDM injectors are built the same way every time. The flow rate from our first built injector is the same as our 500th built injector! No other company can do that and keep the balance rates that tight!

2004.5 - 2007 Dodge 5.9L Part # TDM325-59RACE


Race injectors carry no warranty simply due to the nature of what they're being used for. With that said, we can assure you that TDM-Race Series injectors will perform as good, or better, than any competition based or custom made injector on the market.