Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale... starting Wednesday!

USDP Black Friday ~ Cyber Monday Sale

Our Black Friday ~ Cyber Monday Sale begins this Wednesday evening 3PM MST and will run until Monday 3PM (Wed 11/22 through Mon 11/27). Most everything is on sale but the following brands have been lowered between 5% to 15% off Sale Prices for this short time only! All sale items purchased on Thursday and Friday will ship out Monday. Some sale items may be limited stock only and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis so get your orders in early! All of us from Gomer's US Diesel Parts wish you a happy Thanksgiving weekend.


15% Off - AirDog

PureFlow AirDog fuel preporator and Raptor fuel pumps are a great way to protect your diesel for the long-haul. We recommend a fuel-water-separator as a first upgrade for any stock truck. Shop Now!


10% Off - ATS Diesel Performance Products

When you see a purple part on a bad-ass truck it's most likely from ATS. We love their transmissions but they have SO much more! Shop Now!


10% Off - Banks Power

The legacy and technological leadership of Gale Banks Engineering in the diesel aftermarket is unquestioned. Banks has a long history of breakthrough innovations (many patented!) in high performance gas and diesel engine development. Shop Now!


10% OFF - BD Diesel Performance Products

BD has a wide array of performance parts available and are sought out for their expertise and having a proven track record for parts that last and go beyond expectations. Shop Now!


15% OFF - Dynomite Diesel Products

Dynomite Diesel Products started out as the secret the pro's used to win - their ace in the hole! They quickly became well known for having some of the best high-performance injectors and nozzles available. Shop Now!


10% OFF - Deviant Race Products

Deviant came to our attention because of the EGR related parts they produce but we've also found some odd and ends through them that we just couldn't find anywhere else. Shop Now!


10% OFF - Edge Products

The performance tuner market quickly became saturated with name-brands that came and went over the years. Edge Products has stayed the test of time and shown they make a quality product that's not only easy to use but easy to install. Shop Now!


10% OFF - FASS Fuel Systems

When it comes to the longevity of your diesel, a fuel-air seperator system is really a no-brainer. We recommend a FASS Titanium kit for anyone looking to safe-guard their diesel investment. Shop Now!


10% OFF - Garrett Turbocharger

Many a custormer have come to us and demand ONLY genuine Garrett, and with good reason. They're the apex when it comes to reliability of OEM quality turbochargers and turbo related accessories. Shop Now!


10% OFF - Hammerhead

Hammerhead has quickly become our bumper of choice. From their quality of design to the rugged construction and materials used - We like the look and think you will to. Shop Now!


15% OFF - Industrial Injection

If you've spent any amount of time being a diesel enthusiast, then you no doubt know the calibur of their performance products. It's a thrill working with anything Industrial Injection puts their name on. Few companies enstill this kind presense by name alone. When you want the very best, you know where to go. Shop Now!


10% OFF - MBRP Performance Exhaust

MBRP has been one of our favorite diesel exhaust manufacturers for years. Lower your EGT's by updating your stock system to a 4" or 5" exhaust. Typical HP gains of 5%-10% just by letting your engine breath like it should and get that diesel truck sound you're looking for. Free shipping on most kits in the lower 48-States! Shop Now!


10% OFF - Nitrous Express

In the world of race performance, nothing makes a real competitor's eyes light up then when you mention hitting the Nitrous. Our kits of choice are made by Nitrous Express and are designed specifically for diesel vehicles. Shop Now!


10% OFF - OEM Diesel Parts

Get the parts your truck came original with. With the quality and reliability that comes from being the stock provider of diesel parts in America, it's tough to keep these parts on the shelf! For a short time only get 10% off these parts. Don't 'roll the dice' with aftermarket parts that may or may not work. Shop Now!


10% OFF - South Bend Clutch

Servicing a manual transmission can be an expensive endeavor. If your truck's shifting feels like it's slipping, jumping, or just not a smooth as before; a new clutch may be necessary. 10% OFF a new Organic or Feramic clutch from South Bend could help ease the sting. Shop Now!


15% OFF - SCT Performance Tuners

A few years back SCT and Bully Dog formed a software company called Derive Systems. While keeping the original brand names intact, they've combined their years of experience to make both better. SCT's X4 Programmer covers most Ford and Chevy, Gas or Diesel applications and gives some fantastic results. Shop Now!


5% OFF - SOTA Offroad

Wheels can make or break the look of a vehicle. SOTA Offroad wheels are what you're looking for and we run them on many of our trucks here. Check them out and we think you'll see why they are so popular! Shop Now!


15% OFF - Torque Diesel Motorsport

Torque Diesel Motorsport's injectors have really made a good impression on us. We run them in our competition truck with great success and they just seem to scale incredibly well. Already less expensive then any comparable performance injector on the market, we're offering 15% OFF for a short time only. Shop Now!


10% OFF - Zone Offroad Products

We all like our trucks sitting a bit higher than stock. For the Black Friday - Cyber Monday weekend we've set all Zone Offroad kits down 10%. From simple shock and coil systems up to full suspension upgrades, Zone Offroad should have your diesel sitting pretty. Shop Now!