Core Return Info

  1. What is a Core, Core Charge and Core Refund?
  2. Core Acceptability
  3. Waiving the Core Charge
  4. Core Return Procedure & Policy
  5. When will I receive my refund?

Q: What is a Core, Core Charge and Core Refund?

  • Core: A Core is simply your old part or part's. When a product is sold as rebuilt or remanufactured, you have to send in your old part so it can be rebuilt to sell to the next customer. This is VERY important because many parts are no longer in production. The only way to get them now is to rebuild an old part back to new or better quality. Some parts have become so rare that the only way to get a working one is to send in that part to have it rebuilt and then sent back to you. This means if you don't have a part for a core you may not be able to get a replacement at all. Common automotive parts you will see asking for old parts as "Core's" are batteries, power-steering pumps, injectors, fuel pumps, engines, transmissions, etc...

  • Core Charge: The Core Charge is a dollar amount the manufacturer has valued your old part is worth to them if you were to NOT send back a part to be rebuilt. This charge depends upon the cost of the item and also the rarity of cores to rebuild. If a part is hard to find the core charge can end up being more than cost of the part itself. The manufacturer wants to make sure it's worth it to you to send in a core for refund but also worth it to them if you decide NOT to send one. If you don't send in a core, you don't get a core refund.

  • Core Refund: A Core Refund is the money you get back once you send in your core! Please see "Core Acceptability" to help ensure get a full refund.

Q: Core Acceptability

In order for a core to be accepted for a refund it MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Cores must NOT be overly damaged and must in a re-buildable condition - If its been in a fire, has a cracked case, or has been overly corroded like it has been underwater, it will not be accepted. If your Core is damaged and/or un-repairable you may only receive a partial refund or no refund at all. Please keep this in mind if going to a salvage yard in need of a core.
  • Cores must be Like-For-Like. You cannot send in a part from a different model, make, or year. Example: you cannot send in a Chevy Transmission core if you bought a Dodge Transmission.
  • Cores must be returned within the 45 day return window - No exceptions will be made unless you contact us before then to extend the return time.

Accepted Cores that are in good shape will almost always receive a full refund for the core charge. A Core will be considered in good shape if it is rebuildable. This just means that even if it doesn't function correctly or is worn out, the manufacturer can still fix it.

Q: Waiving the Core Charge

A part with a core charge has the option to either pay the core charge amount or "Send Core in first, pay no core charge: $0.00".

This option is there if you intend to send in your old parts before the new/remanufactured parts are shipped.

We CANNOT ship your new part until your core is received and accepted or a core charge is paid!

If you order a part while selecting to pay no core charge, and then select expedited shipping (overnight, 2nd or 3rd day), your part will not ship until your core is received and accepted and will then ship at your chosen shipping speed.

Q: Core Return Procedure & Policy

Core Return Procedure:
  1. Verify that you are not over the 45 day return time for returning a core. If you are, please call to find out if your return time can be extended before continuing to return the core.
  2. Put your core part into the box or packaging that the new part arrived in. Please remember to place parts that are dirty or may leak fuel/oil in a plastic bag.
  3. You can print a Core Return Slip with your name and order # to put in the box with your core. This will help us get you a refund as quickly as possible for your core return.
  4. Ship the package as directed below. Unless specified, shipping charges for the core are the responsibility of the purchasing party.

Small part cores should be returned directly to the address below. If you have an engine or transmission core, please call us on our toll free # 1(800)823-4444 to verify the return location.

Attn: Core Return Dept
2400 Palmer Street
Missoula, MT 59808

Core Policy:

Core returns must be sent & received within 45 days after your new part arrives to you. If we have not received your core after 45 days, or been contacted with information on when the core will arrive, the order will be marked as "No Core Returned" and the core charge will no longer be refundable.

If a core return has gone over the 45 day return limit, the cash value of that non-return is then used to purchase another core to keep the remanufacturing process going. This ensures a rebuilt product will be available for the next customer.

Q: When will I receive my refund?

Refunds are quick! A refund will be made through the purchasers’ payment method typically on the same day it is received. From there is depends upon the purchasers’ bank or account on how fast the refund shows up as available. Accounts such as PayPal are almost instant while some bank accounts can take up to 3 to 10 days to process.