1. How do I request a Warranty?

Q: How do I request a Warranty?

Warranty Return Process
A Warranty Request Form should be filled out before sending in any part for warranty return. This form can either be filled out electronically and emailed, or you can print and write out your information. Please complete the form to the best of your ability. The more complete the information we receive, the faster we can facilitate a refund or replacement. It will also help speed up the return process if you include a copy of your original invoice. Prior to sending in your part, please call us at (800) 823-4444 and speak with one of our parts specialists. They will give you a Return Merchandise Authorization number (or RMA) to include with your warranty return.

Note: In order to fill out the PDF file you must save it to your computer and then open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free download from adobe.com. If you try to fill out the document through your web browser, it will often NOT save your information. Once you have filled out the form with Adobe Acrobat Reader, we suggest before closing the document, save the document under a different name and then open that file to make sure your information was saved correctly.

Valid Warranty Situations
Defective items that are still within the manufacturers warranty period may be returned for an exchange or refund depending upon the manufacturers policy. A Manufacturer Warranty must be filed with the part manufacturer directly as opposed to sending to us to cover warranty. An example of this would be a FASS Fuel System because in order to retain warranty you must register the equipment with FASS upon installation. Items that have failed due to improper installation and/or negligence in correct usage by the purchaser/owner are NOT eligible for warranty return in any situation.