We carry Ford Power Stroke parts for a variety of Ford models dating back to 1983. Ford entered into the light truck diesel market in the early 80's with their Navistar 6.9L and 7.3L IDI naturally aspirated V8 engines which were a huge success for Ford. In 1994 they released the 210 hp Navistar 7.3L Power Stroke engine. Navistar utilized an advanced Hydraulically Activated, Electronically Controlled Unit Injector, or "HEUI" for short. Although this unique fuel system seemed years ahead of its time, it had already been proven in the heavy truck market by the time Ford got their hands on it. In 1999, the 7.3L received an intercooler and changes were made to the turbo and injectors. In 2001, we saw power increase to 250-275 hp. The first major modifications to the Ford Power Stroke were made in 2003 with the arrival of the 325 hp 6.0L Power Stroke, and the 7.3L was officially discontinued in 2004. A Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT), Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Overhead Valves (OHV) were utilized on the new 6.0L to keep up with emissions demands. 2008 saw the arrival of the 350 hp 6.4L Twin-Turbo Common Rail engine. Advanced emissions make it one of the cleanest running diesel engines ever produced, but owners still report poor fuel mileage. We offer Power Stroke diesel parts that can improve your vehicle’s performance. In 2011 Ford introduced the 6.7L "Scorpion" which is the first Power Stroke engine to utilize the Bosch Common Rail injection system. Check out our inventory of Ford Power Stroke parts today to see if we have what you’re looking for.