ATS Diesel Performance Billet Transmissions

We are proud to offer a full line of billet transmission packages from ATS Diesel Performance, a leader in the diesel and re-manufacturing industry. All ATS Billet Transmission packages carry an unprecedented 5 Year / 500,000 mile warranty so you know you are getting the best in strength, quality and precision. From Daily Drivers To Race Trucks ATS Diesel Has A Transmission For You.

All ATS transmissions are designed to handle extreme power and heavy loads, and then dyno tested to ensure reliable functionality and high performance. ATS has a long history of working directly with you racers, pullers and long-haulers to develop transmissions and components that work equally well for daily use and extreme applications. Their engineers also analyzed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) transmission problems caused by high mileage and component failure, looking for ways to ensure longevity.

This approach helped them develop the strongest, most reliable transmissions available for your domestic diesel truck. ATS transmissions eliminate the factory weaknesses and design flaws, replacing them with engineering that works. As stated before, they're so confident of that, all ATS transmissions are backed by the only 5-year, 500,000 mile warranty in the industry.

All rebuilt ATS high performance transmissions include the following features:

  • An ATS fully remanufactured, dyno tested ATS High Performance Valve Body, High Volume Pump, Heavy Duty - Gear Train, Extreme Duty Clutch Pack and other proprietary components.
  • An ATS heavy duty transmission pan to provide increased lube volume, cooling capacity and strengthen the large case from excessive flexing.
  • High stress areas of case are reinforced - Reduces chance of stress cracks.
  • Critical bolt and thread holes are inserted - Relieves pulled threads or bolts.
  • Valve Body surface is machined flat - Ensures against hydraulic leaks.
  • The entire hydraulic system is redesigned and calibrated specifically for the Diesel engine, Diesels require a unique calibration to ensure the engine is in it's optimal operation range.
  • External surface of case is sealed - Reduces corrosion and fatigue.

For customers pulling extreme loads or customers with high mileage transmissions, we recommend an ATS high performance rebuilt transmission along with a new Five Star Torque Converter. When looking for the ultimate in performance, combine the ATS Co-pilot lockup Controller with an ATS HD Transmission and Torque Converter. The ATS Transmission, Five Star Converter, and Co-Pilot electronic transmission module is the ideal setup when using an Exhaust Brake, or with a modified engine. When the Five Star Viscous Clutch Drive torque converter and Co-Pilot are used together the effiency rating of the transmission is increased. This increases MPG in most cases.