The US Diesel Parts team is truly excited about Banks latest line of throttle controller, the BANKS PedalMONSTER®. Our shop works primarily on medium-duty diesel pickups, so we've tailored our website to try and help our customer's find what is right for their rig. The BANKS PedalMONSTER works with MANY other gas applications too, so please check out Banks official application PDF here if you don't see your vehicle listed.

Engineers, from practically every vehicle manufacturer, were told to design and calibrate the throttle system to eek out every mile per gallon of fuel possible while keeping the ride super smooth. This is great if all you care about is fuel economy, but completely yawn inducing to anyone performance minded or needing to get the job done. Bring your truck back to life with the Banks PedalMONSTER; the throttle control system that has more features than any system on the market.