Rev-X Oil Additive

REV-X High Performance Oil Additives
With the EPA mandating the removal of key lubricating components from today's engine oils, the consumer has been left with few options for quality engine and drivetrain protection. REV-X performance oil additive fills that gap and and actually exceeds all major engine manufacturers recommended lubrication specifications and requirements. REV-X oil additive is a high performance lubricant that is actually drawn towards heat and friction, so it targets those components that are most susceptible to wear. REV-X is dyno tested and proven to work on all engines, transmissions, transfer cases, differentials and power steering pumps. If it's lubricated by oil, then REV-X will help it run more efficiently and last longer.

A 4oz bottle will treat most light duty gas pickup truck engines, and 8oz is recommended for most diesel pickup truck engines. You can view the full application charts including transmissions, differentials, etc. by clicking on the product descriptions below.