MAHLE - Heavy Duty Engine Overhaul Kit - 2004-2007 Ford 6.0L F250-F550 (20mm Head Dowel) 789-1008

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MPN: 789-1008

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Heavy Duty Engine Overhaul Kit - 2004-2007 Ford 6.0L F250-F550 (20mm Head Dowel)

Part # 789-1008

We've had so many calls for a full overhaul set that we had to put together these kits. MAHLE name brand kits include size options for Pistons & Rings, Rod Bearings, and Main Bearings. Kits will typically come in multiple packages and are drop-shipped direct from the MAHLE manufacturing facility.

Kit information:


224-3503 Standard Compression, Skirt Coated, Piston Qualifier 1843285C2, Use Ring # 41940

OE Part #'s: NAVISTAR 1843285C2

Bore (Ø) - 3.74 in / 95.0 mm
Full Length (GL) - 85.82 mm
Compression Ring Groove 1 - 2.0 mm
(Comp. Ring Groove Wi) - 2.3 mm
Oil Ring Groove Width 1 - 3.5 mm
Pin O.D. (BoØ) - 34.01 in / 1.339 in
Material - Aluminium
Additional Pin Comment - Floating
Combustion Chamber Depth (MT) - 0.665 in
Recess Volume - 31.89
Casting Number - 95L102A1
Note - Keystone top ring. Coated skirts.
Piston Skirt Clearance - 0.004 in

Ring Set

41940 R7 Engine Set, Facing UCR-Plasma-Moly; OCR-Chrome

OE Part #'s: NAVISTAR 1845605C92

Bore (Ø) - 3.74 in / 95.0 mm
Thickness - 0.1692 in, 0.1511 in, 0.1027 in, 0.085 in
Width - 0.1353 in, 0.09019 in, 0.085 in, 0.07799 in, 0.0013 in, .0009 in, .0007 in

Connecting Rod Bearing Pairs

CB-1814P supersedes: CB-1814P(8)

OE Part #'s: CATERPILLAR 2978934, FORD 3C3Z6211AA, IHC 1835094C1, NAVISTAR 1848042C1, 1848131C91, 7082285C1, 7085756C91, 1835094C1, 1843034C91

Material -TM-77
Housing bore (min - max) - 2.873 in - 2.874 in / 2.874 mm
Max. Length - 0.831 in
Vert. Oil Clearance (min - max) - 0.001 in - 0.004 in
Shaft diameter (min - max) - 2.716 in - 2.717 in
Wall Thickness (max) - 0.078 in
Size - Standard

Camshaft Bearing Set


OE Part #'s: FORD 3C3Z6A251AA, IHC 1828127C1, NAVISTAR 1828127C1

Material - B1
Size - Standard

Main Bearing Set


OE Part #'s: FORD 3C3Z6D309AA

Material - TM-77
Housing bore (min - max) - 3.385 in - 3.386 in
Max. Length - 0.847 in
Vert. Oil Clearance (min - max) - 0.002 in - 0.004 in
Shaft diameter (min - max) - 80.99 mm - 81.011 mm
Wall Thickness (max) - 0.098 in
Size - Standard
Part Number - MB3874PU, MB3874PL, MB3788PU, MB-3788P(F), MB-3787P, CTNC147R, 1835102C1, 1835101C2

Engine Cylinder Head Gasket Set

HS54579 (For 20MM cylinder head dowel) - Serial #(s) 299,093 & After, Serial #(s) 3,723,722 & After

OE Part #'s: FORD 5C3Z 6079-C, 5C3Z 6079-F, 6C3Z 6051-A, 6C3Z 6051-AA, W300012, W301321, W301331, W301372, W301373, W301386, W301390, W301592, W301970, W302053, W302064, W302065, W302209, 3C3Z 6A008-AA, 3C3Z 6A831-AA, 3C3Z 6B898-AA, 3C3Z 6571-AA, 3C3Z-6584-AA, 3C3Z-6584-BA, 3C3Z 6619-AA, 3C3Z 6619-BA, 3C3Z 6619-CA, 3C3Z 6619-EA, 3C3Z 6753-AA, 3C3Z 9C064-AA, 3C3Z 9C064-CA, 3C3Z 9E933-AA, 3C3Z 9E933-BA, 3C3Z 9J469-AA, 3C3Z 9N693-BA, 3C3Z 9N693-CA, 3C3Z 9N693-DA, 3C3Z 9N693-EA, 3C3Z 9N693-FA, 3C3Z 9N693-GA, 3C3Z 9N693-LA, 3C3Z 9N693-NA, 3C3Z 9P455-AB, 3C3Z 9P457-AA, 3C3Z 9364-AA, 3C3Z 9364-BA, 3C3Z 9433-AA, 3C3Z 9439-AA, 5C3Z 9G804-B, 5C3Z 9N693-A, 6C3Z 9448-A, 3C3Z 9C065-AA, 5C3Z 6079-F, 6C3Z 6051-AA, 5C3Z 6079-C, 6C3Z 6079-E, 6C3Z 6051-A, 5C3Z-6079-F, 6C3Z-6051-AA, 5C3Z-6079-C, 6C3Z-6079-E, 6C3Z-6051-A, NAVISTAR 1891053C93

Item Grade - OEM Standard
Additional Package Contents - Contains Miscellaneous Gaskets And Seals
Torque to Yield - Yes
Exhaust Manifold Gasket Material - Multi-Layered Steel
Cylinder Head Gasket Material - Multi-Layered Steel
Intake Manifold Gasket Material - Molded Rubber

Lower Engine Gasket Set


OE Part #'s: FORD 3C3Z 6E078-BA, NAVISTAR 1845253C92

Water Pump Gasket Included - Yes
Items in Package - 23
Item Grade - OEM Standard
Additional Package Contents - Contains Miscellaneous Gaskets And Seals
Water Outlet Gasket Included - No
Oil Pan Gasket Material - Rubber
Timing Cover Gaskets/Seal Included - Yes
Rear Main Seal Material - Rubber
Rear Main Seal Included - Yes
Oil Pan Gasket Included - Yes
Head Fasteners Included - No
Fuel Pump Gasket Included - No

WARNING : This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to