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What is a “Reman” Engine?

What is a “Reman” Engine?

24th Jan 2023

What is a “Reman” Engine?

Arguably the absolute worst thing that can happen to a vehicle is something catastrophic happening with its engine. It’s almost defeating when your vehicle experiences engine troubles and the prognosis is more than just grim—it’s an ultimatum. Either you need to rebuild your engine, replace it, or find a new vehicle entirely. In these unfortunate circumstances, you would probably consider just getting rid of the vehicle in and of itself to save yourself the hassle of replacing the engine.

But what if saving your vehicle could be hassle-free and leave it functioning, factory-fresh and good as new?

Don’t send your car to the junkyard just yet. Consider a “reman” engine, which can give you longevity and quality for a lower price than a fully rebuilt or brand-new engine.

Now, you may be wondering, what is a reman engine anyway? Well, “reman” is just short for “remanufactured!” A remanufactured engine is an engine that is restored using old parts in combination with new or re-machined parts, in order to give you an engine that is as close to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) expectations without carrying the cost that comes with an entirely new engine. Think of it like recycling, but for your engine!

A remanufactured engine starts by taking the core of an engine that is unharmed and cleaning it, then replacing any smaller parts and reconditioning any bigger parts to the best of a remanufacturer’s ability. Any part that is damaged or worn will be replaced with new parts, and the process will leave your engine as good as, or better than, the day it hit the road.

Keep in mind, however, that remanufactured engines require the proper parts to communicate with the computer of your vehicle. It is of paramount importance to have this information, or ensure that the mechanic or garage making your engine has this information, before ordering a remanufactured engine.

As long as your remanufactured engine is manufactured by a trusted garage or mechanic, you can rest assured knowing that the quality of your engine will be at its peak. A trustworthy remanufactured engine will also likely come with a one-year warranty, so any issues that arise within that year can be solved by the very people who gave the engine to you.

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