Does a CP3 Conversion Require Tuning?

by Madison Compton

If your diesel engine is in need of a CP3 fuel pump conversion, you may also want to ask yourself if your conversion requires tuning or not. With so many conversion kits available on the market, it can be difficult to know which is the best fit for your engine and if you should purchase one with or without tuning. We’ll break it down for you using our US Diesel Parts kits as examples so you can decide if your CP3 conversion requires tuning.

What is tuning?

Tuning a diesel truck simply means optimizing the engine to fit the driver’s specifications by checking on and reprogramming the main elements of the engine. Different tools are out there to tune specific parts of your engine, and some can improve your fuel economy while others can give you more horsepower, torque and speed. For CP3 conversions, some kits require tunings to run properly while some do not. Let’s take a look.

No Tuning Required Kits

To start, take a look at the Industrial Injection - 2011-2016 LML Duramax CP4 to CP3 Conversion Kit with CP3 Pump (NO Tuning Req). This kit does not require tuning because it's designed to work with the factory setting.

In other words, the CP3 fuel injection pump in this specific kit is a direct replacement for the factory CP4 pump, meaning no altercations need to be made in order for it to work.

This option makes the conversion easier by eliminating an additional step. Because of this added convenience, non-tuning conversion kits tend to be more expensive than ones needing tuning.

Tuning Required Kits

Some conversion kits, like our Industrial Injection - 2011-2016 LML Duramax CP4 to CP3 Conversion Kit with CP3 Pump (Tuning Req) require tuning to run properly. These kits are to only be used with trucks that have tuning capabilities.

Tuning offers customization to fit your preferences and set a desired rate of flow. This is beneficial because it allows you to control if you’d like more horsepower, durability, power or performance.

Because altercations still need to be made, kits that require tuning are typically less expensive.

In short, the answer to “Does a CP3 conversion require tuning?” is both yes and no. The answer depends on the kind of kit you get for what best suits your preferences for your truck.

A CP3 fuel pump conversion kit that does not need to be tuned is more expensive, but it is quick and easy to install. A kit that requires tuning may take a little more work, but it offers customizability for your diesel engine.

US Disel Parts is proud to offer any kind of CP4 to CP3 conversion kit you need. We also provide tuning services if you'd like a professional to handle your tuning pump kit personalization. If you have additional questions about CP3 conversions or diesel parts, contact our team! We’re happy to provide answers.