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What Does a CP4 Bypass Do?

What Does a CP4 Bypass Do?

10th Nov 2022

by Jordan Davidsen

The CP4 fuel injection pump is an incredibly state-of-the-art fuel system that allows for peak performance with high-pressure, cutting-edge technology. However, just because today’s diesel engines equipped with these are more lightweight, efficient, and effective doesn’t mean that they are without flaws.

These systems use unprecedentedly high pressures to employ less fuel volume, saving money and attracting users. But they do have one major design flaw, which lies in the necessity of their lubrication. An unlubricated CP4 fuel injection pump can lead to roller lifter failure in the high pressure pump, which effectively causes the pump to wear itself down until its ultimate demise. The roller lifter will destroy itself by hitting against the side of the pump, sending metal shavings into the fuel system as a whole and causing irreparable damage.

One of the worst parts about this is that a driver likely won’t notice that anything is even wrong until it’s too late to fix the problem. Once the roller lifter fails, it is essentially incapable of being fixed, and removing the metal residue all throughout the fuel system is not a cheap fix. It almost always requires a complete replacement of the fuel system, which can easily run you up to $10,000 if you’re without warranty.

Enter the CP4 fuel bypass kit, otherwise known as the CP4 disaster prevention kit. Installing this kit on your CP4 fuel injection pump can avoid the onset of otherwise catastrophic problems with your fuel system. Of course, a fuel bypass kit is relatively costly, but even costlier is replacing an entire fuel system; the CP4 bypass kit will be the better option any day, and you won’t have to repair your vehicle after what can be a tragic failure.

But how exactly does this kit work?

In short, the CP4 bypass kit works by keeping the fuel centralized rather than pumping it throughout the whole system. A CP4 fuel bypass kit takes the fuel pumping out of the bottom of the pump and sends it right back into the fuel tank and filters, which removes the risk of any possible debris getting into the rest of the fuel system. The fuel system failure as a result of a CP4 fuel injection pump is thereby prevented, keeping the rest of your system out of harm’s way and ensuring your engine is protected.

This CP4 bypass kit is nothing less than a stroke of genius. If you’re looking for the best CP4 bypass kit possible, or just looking for any more information about CP4 fuel injection systems, make sure to take a look at our website. It’s best to be prepared for any kind of possible disaster, and a CP4 bypass kit from US Diesel Parts will have you covered.