PMD's, Coolers, DS4 Pump Parts - GM 6.5L TD

We have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs over the years with the following information:
If your 6.5L diesel (with the DS4 electronic injection pump) is showing symptoms of stalling, hard starting, and hesitation, then you don't necessarily need to replace the injection pump as most shops and dealerships will try to tell you. The PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) is prone to failure from constant heating and cooling when mounted inside the engine compartment and needs to be moved out in order to assure maximum performance and long service life. Our 6.5L PMD Cooler Kit conveniently mounts your new pump mounted driver (PMD) on the intake manifold. This is a very nice, tidy installation and provides much cooler and more consistent temperatures that will keep the PMD from failing. Also, when using our relocation kit, there is no need to remove the intake manifold from the engine because the old PMD can simply stay mounted to the injection pump.