Clutch Kits - GM Duramax LBZ

The feel of a performance clutch can differ greatly from the factory clutch. You can minimize these effects and increase clutch longevity by choosing the right clutch for your truck based on the horsepower and what you use your truck for. A clutch designed to hold 550 hp may not act right in a truck that only puts out 350 hp, so try to choose a clutch that closely matches or only slightly exceeds your trucks horsepower level.

Everyday Driving - Little or no HP improvements:
Stock trucks, or trucks with moderate horsepower improvements (chip, exhaust, intake) should stick to a single disc clutch.

Everyday Driving - Major HP Improvements
Trucks with significant horsepower improvements (stacked chips, performance injectors, etc.) should consider a street dual disc clutch.

Heavy Towing - 15,000 lbs or more
Trucks that regularly haul or tow 15,000 lbs or more should use a street dual disc clutch, regardless of the hp level.

Competition Drag or Pulling
Any truck used for competition drag racing or sled-pulling should use an SFI approved multi-disc clutch.