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  • Wes Allen

    September 9th, 2018

    Thank you to the team at Gomer’s for an excellent experience. I called needing to find out if the injector pump for my diesel air compressor could be rebuilt. They assured me it could and said it wouldn’t take more than a few days. I had the rebuilt pump back in a few days and at exactly the initial price that I was quoted. Everything was done over the phone and by mail since I’m located a significant drive from them, and it was a smooth experience.

  • DZContractingMI LLC

    April 10th, 2018

    I called and order a much needed fuel filter housing for my 1999 7.3 powerstroke at about 5pm. I asked if they could overnight ship to michigan and he said yes. Its expensive to overnight ship depending where you are but I recieved the part the next day at 10am. Well worth the shipping price. The part was in perfect condition, packaged very good And now my 7.3 is back running. Thank you for your lightning fast service!!

  • Paul Cole

    July 8th, 2017

    Just wanted to let you know that UPS delivered the fuel rail just before noon today. We managed to get the rail installed and everything is up and running. We're headed home. You saved us from being stranded until Tuesday maybe Wednesday. Awesome customer service!

  • Shelton Blackwell February 7th 2017


    Wanted you to know my turbo arrived as promised. Thank you again for going the extra mile... I will have my truck fixed and back in service without any interruption to my client. Thanks again, I will make you and US Diesel Parts my go to vendor. Have a great weekend.

    Shelton Blackwell
  • Ron and Gail Gifford

    July 7th, 2016

    Good afternoon Gomers;

    Just a short note to let you know how happy we were with the service we had last week. When Jason said he would get us in and out in one day, we were a bit skeptical but when he assured my wife at 7:45a.m. on June the 30th that his commitment would stand we pretty much were confident that it would happen.

    Your staff, and we can only mention the ones we met, were fantastic. Jason, Tom and Duane on the service counter are all very knowledgeable and helpful. Sierra was a big help as well. When Bill Gomer came out and introduced himself to my wife and showed her pictures of the original Gomers (circa 1938) she was impressed beyond belief.

    Your firm really understands customer service, having been a very loyal GM dealership supporter, I was impressed by the knowledge and the commitment to customer service. Work was done correctly, at a fair price and in the time promised, what more can one ask for?

    On the way back to Hungry Horse, Gail said to me, "I'd drive back there again for diesel work, wouldn't you?" Oh yeah, I guess we better tell you the truck runs pretty darn decent as well.

    Ron and Gail Gifford

  • Joshua Dunn

    Joshua Dunn from Killeen, TX sent us this email on 09/17/14. We love stories like this:

    I was at a gas station and seen someone in truck just like mine (05 6.6l Duramax.) drive by and it sounded SO good. I chased him down and asked what he had on his truck. He said 4 inch straight pipe turbo back. That was it. Gave me the website and I went straight home and bought it. Cant wait to get it on!!!!

  • Jason S. Preston


    I wanted to let everyone know that I really appreciate the help Moe gave me.

    When I started my 4000 mile vacation pulling my fifth wheel camper I thought I had a pretty good setup on my '05 Chevy diesel. When I hit the Rocky Mountains I found out I was still had a few things I needed to do. The engine was running a little hot (237 degrees) and my exhaust gas temp (EGT) was higher than I would like (1100 degrees) according to my Edge with Attitude. I started doing some research and found several people talking about a new mouth piece for the turbo and maybe replacing the air box. Next I started searching the internet for the parts recommended. I was close to Missoula and had no idea how I was going to get the part I needed. When I came across your website and say you were in Missoula I immediately thought "there is no way they would have the part I am looking for in stock".

    I called the store and Moe answered the phone and said you had the mouth piece in stock, but just one. Moe went out and checked to make sure the computer was correct. Sure enough he found it and set it aside for me. I found the store with the directions Moe gave me. Once we started talking to Moe and explaining what we had going on he told me the mouth piece should help with the problems we had. He also told me that since I wanted to keep running stock filters that I should just keep the current intake system I have.

    I took Moe's advice and installed the mouth piece and kept the intake system I had. I traveled over four more mountain ranges, in one direction or another, and was amazed at the difference in towing abilities. Also the engine and EGT temps dropped like a rock. Added bonus I get one mile per gallon better mileage while towing.

    I appreciate the inventory that you keep on hand and appreciate even more a sales person that does not take advantage of a person and sell them something that they do not need.

    Thanks Moe

    Jason S. Preston